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Yeah, Right

22 Oct

So I was chatting with my friend Todd on Monday about (no surprise) the Red Sox and the World Series.

(Seriously, is there anything else to talk about right now?)

And I told him I was predicting — for purely selfish reasons — that the Sox would win it in six games, because then they’d do it at home, on Halloween, and the parade would likely take place on Friday, November 2, a day I’m already scheduled to have off from work.

And Todd countered with his own prediction, which was so specific and absurd that I asked if I could share it here.

He said yes.

Keep in mind, this was all off the top of his head, stream of consciousness style, as we chatted on Instant Messenger, and I’ve just cleaned it up for the blog.

Aside from that, this is exactly as Todd wrote it, word-for-word: Continue reading

Still a Wet Blanket

22 Oct

You may remember that on January 24, I posted something about a woman named Susie Davidson who had written the biggest wet blanket letter to the editor I’d ever seen. Well now she’s at it again, starting a blog for Bostonians who are not Red Sox or baseball fans. Just reading her first post makes me want to throw my computer out the window:

<< We actually become Yankees fans by default, even though we never pay attention to their own games. We love being in New York and other states where there is not a Red Sox cap to be seen.
Shall I go on? Please post and join in! Send this blog to other sites like!

That’s right, she’s looking for attention. And sure, I’ve gone and given her some. But puh-leeze. Her whole site — or at least the entire first posting — is all about how she’s had letters printed in the Globe and Herald. It’s all well and good to dislike sports or sports fans — and you already know I’m fascinated by people who are oblivious to the sports going on all around them — but to do it just for attention? That’s pretty lame.

Face It

22 Oct

What’s with, like, all my friends and lots of other folks all of a sudden joining Facebook and LinkedIn? Not a day goes by lately where I’m not getting an e-mail from one of these sites asking if I’m actually someone’s friend or if I wish to be connected to someone. I don’t mind being in the networks — it takes just two seconds to say yes — but really, does anyone actually use these sites for something worthwhile? The only time I ever do anything with them is when I get one of these e-mails that I’ve been poked or someone’s posted something on my “wall” or taken a quiz or answered some random question that has been automatically selected for me or whatever. I joined LinkedIn, but I don’t know that I’ve done anything on the site since that initial sign-in (other than hitting Accept). Facebook I don’t do anything on unless someone does something to me. I’ve got much more interesting things to do than keep checking that site to see what everyone’s up to. Some friends of mine swear by it and say they love it. Really? I mean, seriously. I guess I just don’t see the big deal.


22 Oct

So according to Universal Hub, some woman called for emergency assistance last night during the seventh inning of the big game because she bit her tongue and it was bleeding. Of course, when the EMT got there, the bleeding had stopped. Now, the stupid woman aside, you may be asking yourself what else could have been keeping the EMTs busy last night? According to an anonymous commenter, “all ambulances were sent to Fenway after a mass choking was reported in the visitors’ dugout.” Ha!

The Real Thing

22 Oct

It would be all too easy to dismiss Lars and the Real Girl as a quirky comedy.

After all, it’s a movie about a guy (Lars, played by Ryan Gosling) who buys a Real Doll and treats it like she is legitimately real and his girlfriend.

But Lars is much better than that description.

In fact, it’s one of my favorite movies of the year. Continue reading

Oh, What a Beautiful Morning

22 Oct

I was up till 1:30 a.m. watching post-game coverage, then couldn’t sleep cuz I had that Dropkick Murphys song on a repeat loop in my head all night long, so I’m like the rest of the city today, bleary-eyed and dead tired. How I would much rather be anywhere else but at my desk. But it’s gonna be 80 degrees out, the sun is shining, the Sox are ALCS champions, we’re going to the World Series, there’s a palpable buzz in the air, and damn if it doesn’t feel great to be alive today.

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