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30 Oct

Happy Halloween, y’all! Do you know why this day is important? Because starting tomorrow, I am in full-on compilation mode for this year’s edition of A Very Marty Christmas. That’s right, kids: It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around the offices of Martin’s Musings. I can’t believe it’s less than two months away. Talk about scary! But for now, go out and eat all the candy you want and enjoy your Halloween.

Good Times Never Seemed So Good

30 Oct

What a great day for a parade!

Perfect fall weather, with blue skies and mild temperatures, plus my boss gave us her blessing to go … it all worked out perfectly.

And the parade itself was awesome. I headed down to Copley Square around 11 to meet up with Nina, staked out my place in front of 545 Boylston St. (not too far from where I was in 2004), and was ready for when the Sox came rolling through.

I thought the parade would lose something without the water component, but I have to say, the second the duckboats got to Copley Square — coincidentally, the same time as when the sun moved to be right in the way of some picture-taking — and the crowds went crazy, I forgot there was anything lacking. Continue reading

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