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Raise That Flag High Again

28 Oct


YEEAAAAHHH!!!!!! This is AWESOME!!!!!!!

Mike Lowell is Series MVP!!!!!

WOO HOO!!!!!! Bring on the parade!!!! Continue reading


28 Oct

52-7? Holy frickin’ cow! That’s amazing! It’s just a shame that’s going to be totally overlooked in tomorrow’s papers due to the Sox winning the Series (if they can do it tonight).

One More Reason to Be Nice to Your Neighbors

28 Oct

Yes, I know. Sometimes I can be a real jerk.

Case in point: I saw this sign hanging in the lobby of my building this afternoon. Now, I don’t know who this person is, but I know it’s been about two months and she still hasn’t taken the old resident’s name off the mailbox and replaced it with her own. I also know that I don’t like any of the new folks who live in my building. If I liked this person, I wouldn’t mock her poor spelling or bad grammar. I mean, how do you misspell lost?? And if you do, wouldn’t you just start over on a new piece of paper? Also, who (mis)spells “thanx” with the k? I mean, really. Use a computer, where you have the luxury of spell check. Maybe then your sign will get attention for the right reasons. I don’t have this woman’s “pavcel,” and this sign — not to mention all the other crap I’ve had to deal with — doesn’t make me want to help her find it.

Falling All Over

28 Oct

Some days just scream out to be photographed. Today is a great example. Perfect blue sky, colorful leaves in trees … awesome. Thank God I had my camera handy. This pic has desktop written all over it (if you have a Mac, that is).

Welcome to Boston, Dice-K

28 Oct

Well, that was close. Or at least it was for a little while. The Rockies realized their season didn’t actually end after the ALCS, played a couple good innings of baseball, but then went back to their winter break. Meanwhile, Dice-K … what can I say? I haven’t been his biggest fan — or any fan, really — this year, but the guy was great in Game Three. It only took six months, but he finally showed up, just in time for the World Series. Great pitching, great fielding, and some great hitting too. Jebus, it’s about time. And Ellsbury (Series MVP!) and Pedroia, well, it’s just exciting watching those guys play. I love when they hog the spotlight and take all the attention away from Papi and Manny. Not that I dislike Papi and Manny, but everyone’s favorite rookies make these games more fun. We’re now one game away from winning it all for the second time in four years, and while Sox fans know not to be too confident, things sure are looking good.

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