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It’s Not Over

15 Oct

Sure, I could blast Dice-K for giving up four runs and six hits over just four-plus innings (again), but I’m feeling generous tonight for some reason. After all, his six strikeouts were impressive. Maybe it’s Post-Gagne Syndrome, but to me, even Dice-K didn’t look so bad tonight. (I’m not going to say he was good, because he wasn’t. But he didn’t suck.) And I could also lament the fact that we had plenty of scoring opportunities but couldn’t get anything in. But I won’t.

Yes, for a change I’m going to stay positive after a Sox and Dice-K loss. I’ll say it looks like we’re actually going to need six games to win this thing. We can do that. I hate that we lost the game tonight, but there’s still a lot more baseball to play and we’re not out of it yet. Go Sox!

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