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The Good Ole Days

23 Oct

There’s been a lot of talk this week about how 2004 compares to 2007 as far as the Red Sox are concerned. If you ask me, no one’s captured the greatness, the emotion, the good vibes, the happy memories, or the excitement of the Idiot Year like Bob Hohler did in today’s Globe. Check out his article and tell me you don’t feel the same. By name dropping folks like Curtis Leskanic or Byung-Hyun Kim (two guys I haven’t thought about in three years), or listing the ubiquitous t-shirt slogans from that year, or giving many examples of why and how the entire city came together, Hohler paints a great portrait of that time. I highly recommend giving it a read. Nice job, Bob.

Holy Giant Turkey, Batman!

23 Oct

Can’t stop laughing at this picture from today’s Boston Globe (here’s a link to the story). It was taken on Beacon Street in Brookline, not too far from where I live. People, that thing weighs 20 pounds and stands four feet tall! Can you believe it?? Look at it walking down the street! And I thought living with the B.U. kids was tough. I’m not going to mess with this thing if I ever see it on my street. (Want more about the turkeys? Click here.)

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