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A Medical Miracle?

2 Oct

So the strangest thing happened Monday afternoon. I finally got around to calling my doctor to schedule an appointment for a physical. I figured I wouldn’t actually get to see the doc until November or December, at the earliest. And after a good natured guilt trip from the receptionist about when I last had a physical (it’s been at least three years, I think; last time I saw him for any other reason was more than a year and a half ago), she told me that actually, there had been a cancellation and would I want to come in Wednesday morning at 10 a.m. I was stunned. It’s an easy(er) week at work, and there’s a convenient appointment available less than 48 hours later. Is the doctor really operating on my schedule? Amazing. Unheard of. Perfect. How often does that happen? (Uh, never.) So there’s just one problem. Now I actually have to go.

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