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Wild, Wild West

3 Oct

Am I the only one out there watching Kid Nation? I hope not. I mean, I know Wednesday was game one of the ALDS, but that’s what a dual-tuner DVR is for. I’ve been waiting for this show since May, and it has not disappointed. The kids are too funny — some are earnest, others are spoiled, others are bullys, others are babies — and all say and do the darndest things. Last week they killed chickens so they could have some protein. Of course there were some who didn’t want to do that, and one locked herself in the chicken coop. In the first episode, one kid danced in the street so she could raise money to buy a bike. Tonight they were tackling sheep (!!) in a competition and were torn between a microwave and 40 pizzas as a prize. They also survived a dust storm. It’s just awesome and hysterical, and basically, if you haven’t been watching, then you’ve been missing out. Thankfully, you can catch full episodes on or on On Demand on your cable box. For now, here’s a quick video about my favorite kid on the show, Jared, who seems to have no friends, but always has the funniest things to say. He’s totally flying under the radar as far as the other kids are concerned, but this video makes it look like he’ll eventually get his moment to shine. Do yourself a favor and watch when Kid Nation is on again next Wednesday at 8 p.m. on CBS. This may just be the best new show of the entire season.

Welcome Back, Kapler

3 Oct

What an awesome start to the playoffs for the Red Sox! Equally exciting — alright, maybe not equally — is the fact that my buddy Gabe Kapler has started a blog to document his thoughts on the team’s playoff run. Gabe’s a smart guy, and after a year as a manager down in the minors, I’m eager to see what he’ll have to say about each game. And, hopefully this’ll be another step on his road to returning to the Red Sox roster in 2008.

Is She Serious?

3 Oct

“Oh, there’s a Red Sox game tonight? Well, that explains it.”
a woman on the outbound D line at 6:15 p.m. this evening as we were pulling into Copley station, trying to figure out why it was so crowded

I wrote a while back that it surprised me how people could be so unaware of the Red Sox in such a baseball-crazy city. Well, explain to me how this woman could be so oblivious on the night of Game One of the playoffs (even if it is just the ALDS), when the train was beyond packed, and there were a ton of people wearing Red Sox gear. She had been on the train for at least a couple stops. What, did she think everyone was just out for a night on the town? Did she not see the Globe or the Herald today, or watch any of the local news programs recently? I’m not saying she has to be a fan or even watch the game, but how can she not know it’s happening?

Anyway … forget her. Let’s Go Red Sox!!!

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