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This Movie’s Dope

4 Oct

If it’s November, you know it’s time to bring out the big guns. And with American Gangster you get some real big ones: Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington and director Ridley Scott.

Washington stars as Harlem drug king Frank Lucas, and Crowe is Richie Roberts, the detective working to bring him down.

Don’t be expecting a two-man show, though. This one belongs totally to Washington. I’m not usually a Denzel fan, but here he’s so cool, so charismatic, such a badass, so bigger than life, that he damn near steals the movie all for himself. How appropriate.

Not that Crowe is lacking. It’s just that by comparison, Washington has the more showy role. Continue reading

One Down

4 Oct

12-3. Ouch. The Yanks sure did get spanked tonight.

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