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A Concert Like This

14 Oct

The tour is in support of an album called All I Ever Wanted, and while I’ve been a fan of Kelly Clarkson since her days on American Idol, I can’t say seeing her live has always been a top priority of mine.

Nevertheless, there was I at the Agannis Arena Tuesday night with hundreds of teen and pre-teen girls (and their parents), singing along with hits like “Since U Been Gone” and “My Life Would Suck Without You.”

I may not have been the most enthusiastic one in the audience, but I still knew most every word. Continue reading

Listen Up

23 Sep

Tuesday was one of those big multimedia purchase days that I have every so often.

The third season of 30 Rock was released on DVD, and David Gray, Mika, and Harry Connick Jr. all released new albums.

When I was at Costco, I noticed that A.J. Jacobs had a new book out, so I grabbed that, and because I hadn’t purchased it yet, I also picked up the third season of Brothers and Sisters on DVD.

A mixed bag of music for sure, and maybe not your tastes, but I always enjoy new stuff from artists I like. (The David Gray album is particularly good. I’ll let you know about the others when I hear more of them.) Continue reading

No Boundaries for Kris Allen Now

20 May

I predicted it yesterday and I said it as far back as the semifinals in February, and now it’s come true: Kris Allen is the new American Idol! Woo hoo! What an upset! What a great surprise! This is awesome. Kris has been a consistently good singer all season — maybe not the best ever, but he’s got a great sound that I like — and I’m very happy he won. Hell, even that lame winner’s song, “No Boundaries,” sounded good tonight. Wow … this is really cool. Maybe now Adam Lambert will go back to obscurity, taking that screechy/yelling voice and his memories of being totally overrated with him, and we can all get on with our lives again … till next season, at least.

I Predict an Upset

19 May

All season long, people have been genuflecting to Adam Lambert like he’s the second coming or something. Most talented American Idol contestant ever? Puh-leeze. Have they totally forgotten about Carrie Underwood? Adam can’t hold a candle to her — or to Kelly Clarkson. Hell, I haven’t seen an Idol contestant this overrated since, well, ever. So now that the season finale is finally here, and Adam is going mano a mano with Kris Allen, I think it’s time to put an end to all that hoo-hah.

You may recall that back in February, after only two weeks of semifinals, I predicted that Kris would win it all. Today, I’m standing by that prediction. Just wait for it. Tomorrow night, after all the random and unnecessary musical numbers are over and Ryan Seacrest finally gets around to announcing the winner, there will be an upset, and naive little girls will be crying all over the country (again). Tonight, all the people who voted for Danny Gokey are going to shift to Kris, and all the people like me, who agree that Adam sucks and have had it with his overly dramatic, screeching/yelling singing style, will finally pick up their phones to vote against him. I’ll be voting for the first time all season, as much to support Kris as to prevent Adam from winning.

Really, I don’t care that much — it’s been a pretty lame season of Idol overall. Heck, it’s like season six all over again. And I mean, Kris isn’t really someone I’d support in a better season. But IMHO, he’s the best one they’ve had on this year and he’s had my support almost from the beginning. And, alright fine, I’d just love to see Adam lose. So who’s with me? Vote for Kris!

I’m Starting with the Man in the Finals

27 Feb

Alright. It’s still early in the season, and quite frankly, I’m not impressed with too many contestants in the so-called Top 36, but I think I’m going to go out on a limb now and predict that when all the votes are cast, Kris Allen will be our next American Idol. Don’t hold me to this. It’s just that of the 24 people who’ve sung these past two weeks, Kris, with his performance of Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” was the one who impressed me the most. I’m actually glad he made it to the finals. Kris has a great voice and I really enjoy the way he feels the music when he sings. The kid’s got stage presence. No, he wasn’t perfect Wednesday night (the song ends better than it begins), but I think Kris will only get better from here. Will this be the year the Martin Pick actually wins? After all, it didn’t work for Haley Scarnato or Elliott Yamin. Let’s see how far this guy can go.

Kris-Allen-20090225.mp3 – Kris Allen

How Could They Vote for a Loser Who Doesn’t Shave??

11 Nov

Alright, American Idol fans, I know you’re out there. David Archuleta’s CD hit stores today and David Cook’s hits stores next week. I’ve already heard Archie’s CD (I downloaded it for free last week) and it’s as bland and unexciting as I’d expected it would be. That said, I’ll bet the girls in this video just love it. The video (which I found on PopWatch) shows a group of Archie fans watching as the winner was announced back in May. Suffice it to say, they’re not happy. Not in the least. But that doesn’t even come close to capturing their absolutely hysterical reaction. They cry! They scream! They pout! They throw paper! They hurl insults! These girls are absolutely devastated. It’s seriously one of the funniest things I have ever seen. Check it out for yourself. And for the record, if you recall, my reaction to David Cook’s win was a bit more subdued, though I’ll admit, I was happy.

Like the Very First Time

18 Aug

If this November is going to be the first time you vote in an election, then this video’s for you. (If this is not going to be your first time voting in an election, don’t worry — you can watch too.)

Rock On, David Cook. Rock On.

21 May

Woo hoo! There he is, ladies and gentlemen, your new American Idol. I have to admit, I was really excited when this was announced (all things considered, of course).

I was never a fan of David Archuleta and I said as early as February 19 that he would never win. David Cook may not have given the better performance last night, but for most of the season it was pretty clear he was the best contestant. Continue reading

Around the Watercooler

8 May

According to a recent survey of 1,435 employed adults 18 and older, when people at work talk about TV, they most often discuss American Idol. Among women, Dancing with the Stars is the second most popular show, and among men, it’s Lost. Surprisingly, workers age 65 and older were more likely than any other age group to say they discuss AI more than any other show at their workplace. Now, AI and Lost I can see, but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone in my office ever discuss DwtS. Ever. We talk about The Office most often around here. And there’s also a large following for America’s Next Top Model — which I do not watch, thank you very much. DwtS? What kinds of office workers were interviewed for this survey?

Goodbye, Superstar

23 Apr

I’ve always known American Idol was a total crock, but tonight, with the premature ouster of Carly Smithson, the show proved again that the voters clearly don’t recognize talent. This video below is of Carly’s performance last night of “Superstar,” from Jesus Christ Superstar (it was Andrew Lloyd Webber night), and damn if it wasn’t one of the top 3 of the night (another being Syesha Mercado‘s performance of “One Rock & Roll Too Many”). Brooke White and/or Jason Castro definitely should have been in the bottom two, and one of them should have gone home. Sigh … Oh well. Goodbye, Carly. Best of luck to you.

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