I’m Thankful for …

24 Nov

It’s the day before Thanksgiving, so I’m going to continue my annual tradition of giving thanks for some of my favorite things. Here’s a partial list, in no particular order:

* Dinnertime conversations with my niece, Abby
* Chocolate chip cookie dough pankcakes at In a Pickle
* Counter seating at Johnny’s Luncheonette for those Sunday mornings when I go solo and those weeknights when I decide I just don’t want to cook dinner
* “Secret” bathrooms
* Content
* My friends — the real ones and the ones on Facebook
* The “players to be named later,” aka Thing 1 and Thing 2, aka Mutt and Jeff, aka Abbott and Costello, aka my soon-to-be-born identical-twin nephews
* Twitter, for introducing me to people, places, and things I’d never know otherwise — and for bringing me and my coworkers free ice cream over the summer
* Argyle, especially on Wednesdays
* My bed
* My iPhone, for preventing boredom anytime and anywhere
* Corduroy pants
* The Matty in the Morning show, for getting me to work every day with a smile on my face
* Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and the fact that I have friends who also like to go
* Businesses that take advantage of Foursquare and make checking in everywhere I go worthwhile
* Cupcake Monday — or any day, really
* The fact that Modern Family and Glee are as good or better in their second seasons
* And of course, all of you readers, whether you check the site on your own, whether you were brought here by a link on Twitter, or you read my posts on Facebook. This blog is five years old and I’m very appreciative that after all this time, there are still people who care about the silly stuff I post here. Thanks.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!

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