Rock On, David Cook. Rock On.

21 May

Woo hoo! There he is, ladies and gentlemen, your new American Idol. I have to admit, I was really excited when this was announced (all things considered, of course).

I was never a fan of David Archuleta and I said as early as February 19 that he would never win. David Cook may not have given the better performance last night, but for most of the season it was pretty clear he was the best contestant.

He may actually record an album people will like that may actually be successful. I certainly plan on buying it.

So this is cool.

And he won by such a large margin: 12 million votes (two of which were cast by me). It was 56% to 44%. Very impressive.

Good job, David. I’m really happy for you — and very happy that we won’t have to watch Archie and his goofy grin sit through painful interviews.

You’re the real deal, Dave Cook. Congrats to you.


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