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T and Qs

30 Jun

Last week, a blogger named David asked whether leaving your newspaper on the T was littering or sharing. As someone who often grabs a Metro on my way into work, and has admittedly left it on the train as many times as I’ve recycled it, I grapple with this question often. But that’s not the only question I have about the T:

* Which is worse: when someone is yapping away on their cell phone in English or in a foreign language?
* If a B train and a D train leave Kenmore Square at almost the exact same time, and I take the D train to Reservoir then walk up Chestnut Hill Ave. to catch the B train, why does it take so long for that B train to arrive?
* When the trains reach their “home base” back at Boston College or Cleveland Circle, why don’t they get cleaned? I don’t mean washed. Is it really asking so much for a T worker to pick up the trash and throw it away so when passengers get on the train at the beginning of the line, they’re clean? Yes, there could also be an announcement to have passengers take their own trash with them, but we all know that doesn’t work.
* When the train isn’t very crowded, why do people always feel the need to crowd and stand right next to you?

I’m just wondering. What T-related questions do you have?

Hello, Wall-E!

26 Jun

The geniuses at Pixar keep on cranking out animated films, and each time they do, people think they’re kids movies.

Well, with Wall-E, they’ve made a film that might not appeal to kids all that much. And that’s fine with me.

Wall-E is a beautiful film about loneliness, love, caring for the Earth, and other grown-up topics, and it stars a robot — not exactly the kind of thing a kid can cuddle up with at night.

In addition, nearly half the film, if not more, is completely dialogue-free, which will surely make the little ones antsy. Continue reading

Still My Favorite, Week After Week

23 Jun

Entertainment Weekly is out this week with its 1,000th issue.

It’s a double issue, so it’s really the 999th and 1,000th, but the point is, EW has put out that many issues.

And what I think is pretty cool is that I’ve read every single one of them just about cover to cover.

Until last year, I didn’t read many books, but I certainly did read magazines, and since its first issue in 1990, EW has been my bible. Continue reading

Fruit Is Un-American!

20 Jun

Cookie consumption in America has gone down and Stephen Colbert knows why: It’s all Cookie Monster’s fault.

A Sea of Green

19 Jun

Walking down Summer St. this morning en route to my office, I couldn’t help but notice how many Celtics fans were out and about. Yesterday I was going to post something here about how the Celtics win just didn’t seem as exciting as the Sox wins did (acknowledging, of course, that I’m a bigger baseball fan than I am a basketball fan) because there didn’t seem to be as much team spirit on display around the city. Further evidence was the fact that the parade route was shorter than those for the Sox and Patriots ones were. But after my walk to work this morning, I had to seriously reconsider. Everyone loves a winner, but this was crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much green, or that many Celtics fans, in such a short a period of time. There must be a lot of people on the bandwagon today. Any room for me?

In Case You Missed It …

18 Jun

… here’s Reebok’s ad celebrating the Celtics, which made its debut last night sometime around when the Celtics won the championship. The ad is simple, sweet, and effective. I really like it. Enjoy!

How Sweet It Is!

17 Jun

Congrats to the Boston Celtics: 2008 NBA Champions. Trophy number 17. What an impressive win. Go Green!