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A Sea of Green

19 Jun

Walking down Summer St. this morning en route to my office, I couldn’t help but notice how many Celtics fans were out and about. Yesterday I was going to post something here about how the Celtics win just didn’t seem as exciting as the Sox wins did (acknowledging, of course, that I’m a bigger baseball fan than I am a basketball fan) because there didn’t seem to be as much team spirit on display around the city. Further evidence was the fact that the parade route was shorter than those for the Sox and Patriots ones were. But after my walk to work this morning, I had to seriously reconsider. Everyone loves a winner, but this was crazy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much green, or that many Celtics fans, in such a short a period of time. There must be a lot of people on the bandwagon today. Any room for me?

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