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Birthday Beefy Goodness

7 Jun

NEWS FLASH: Ruth’s Chris Steak House no longer has the Chocolate Explosion cake on its menu.

Apparently, it came off six months ago (and may become a seasonal item).

After a pretty excellent birthday meal Saturday night, this had the makings of a disaster.

Thankfully, my beloved dessert has been replaced by a chocolate mousse cheesecake that, let me tell you, is so so so so sooooo good.

Sooooo, Birthday Meal 2008 was saved. Hooray! Continue reading

Can I Get a Kumbaya?

7 Jun

I have mixed feelings about Hillary Clinton today. While I am a supporter of Barack Obama — and have become more so over the course of the primary season — I can’t help but sympathize with Hillary after her speech earlier this afternoon. Unfortunately, while our plights are completely different, I know what it’s like to deal with disappointment and decisions I don’t agree with, and how hard it is to suck it up for the greater good. I haven’t always done the right thing, and not only has it taken me a while to put the negative feelings behind me, but I’ve suffered additional setbacks due to how I dealt with the situation. Just like she sorta has. When Hillary said, “Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward,” it struck a real chord because it’s only been a couple weeks now since I learned to put a frustrating setback from six months ago behind me.

To be clear: I haven’t become a Hillary fan all of a sudden. I still think she’s calculating, and I didn’t always believe she meant everything she was saying today. All I’m saying is I identified with a lot of Hillary’s speech and I hope she exercises better judgement moving forward than I did. Hillary made a strong case about why it’s so important to support Barack Obama. I hope her support — her genuine support — will help his campaign over the next few months, and will help the Democrats take back the White House in November.

You Say It’s My Birthday

7 Jun

So believe it or not, my birthday seems to have snuck up on me this year. Not that I didn’t know it was coming or anything, but I just kind of let it arrive for a change, rather than hype it up and make it another Day of All Days. And that’s fine. It’s been an exciting last couple months with lots and lots of other good stuff to celebrate — buying a condo and becoming an uncle, for example — so I thought it’d be alright, for a change, to just kind of ease into my birthday this year, and not make too big of a deal about it.

Which, of course, does not mean that I won’t be doing my birthday up right. I mean, please. I’m still me. I don’t fear the birthday and I embrace more celebration. There’s a big dinner tonight, and tomorrow there’s brunch, followed by some miniature golf and ice cream, for example. And there’ll be some kind of daredevil activity at some point this summer, of course (I’m thinking whitewater rafting). Plus, the weather’s beautiful today, so that’s good too. All things considered, I think this is going to be a really nice birthday — and even more importantly, I predict good things in the year ahead. Happy 34th to me!

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