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I’m Home

16 Jun

Finally. Of all the random mailings I got soon after I moved into my new place, the one thing I didn’t get that I actually needed was return address labels. Not that I have a hard time remembering what my new address is or anything (unlike, say, my new phone number, which I still don’t know off-hand), but it’s always so much easier to just stick a sticker on an envelope with my return address than to write the damned thing out every time I need to mail a bill payment or send a card. But more than a cure for my laziness, the labels mean I officially live here, in Chestnut Hill, and I have the official return address stickers to prove it. More so than my brand new driver’s license, these say to me, “Martin, you’re home.” So to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, thank you. Look for one of these stickers to arrive in your mailbox soon, with a token of my appreciation inside the envelope.

Saying Goodbye to Tim Russert

16 Jun

If you’re anything like me, then you spent a good chunk of this past weekend watching the endless coverage about Tim Russert‘s passing on Friday. In nearly every interview or remembrance, there was one common theme: Tim’s love of family. And this morning, Tim’s son, Luke, was on The Today Show. If you’re interested and you missed it, I thought I’d post the interview Luke did with Matt Lauer.

Oh, Baby

16 Jun

Oh, to be a baby. All my niece Abby does is sleep, eat, and be, ahem, babied and pampered by her parents, grandparents, Uncle Martin, and other family and friends. When she’s unhappy and she starts to cry, people run to make her feel better. She’s showered with gifts. Every day people tell her how adorable she is.

I have to say: it’s a good life. And I wish I got to spend more time enjoying it than just a day or so this past weekend. Continue reading

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