Oh, Baby

16 Jun

Oh, to be a baby. All my niece Abby does is sleep, eat, and be, ahem, babied and pampered by her parents, grandparents, Uncle Martin, and other family and friends. When she’s unhappy and she starts to cry, people run to make her feel better. She’s showered with gifts. Every day people tell her how adorable she is.

I have to say: it’s a good life. And I wish I got to spend more time enjoying it than just a day or so this past weekend.

Sunday I got to sit with Abby sleeping in my arms for about a solid hour. I kept looking down at her, at how tranquil and peaceful she looked, at how comfortable she was. She just laid there against by body, very still, grabbing ahold of my shirt, our breaths in synch, and she slept and slept.

She didn’t even drool!

Every now and then she’d readjust herself ever so slightly, but for the most part, she was so comfortable sleeping on my chest. I tell you, I’ve had a lot of good times in the past few months, but this was one of the best.

As much as I want Abby to grow up soon so we can talk and laugh and play, this part of her life is really special. I’ll have to go back to New York real soon so I can be a part of it again.

(To see more pictures from the weekend — because you know there are plenty — just click here.)

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