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Make It Yours

12 May

How much do I love Jason Mraz‘s new album? Well, for starters, I like it more than I like Gavin DeGraw’s new disc. Mraz got his sophomore slump album out and behind him in 2005 with the release of Mr. A-Z, and now he’s back with We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things, an album that displays growth and maturity, and more importantly, impressive songwriting and singing skill. Most folks who know Mraz already love his first single, “I’m Yours,” but as good as that song is, it’s not as full of life as the album’s jazzy, funky opener “Make It Mine.” Better still is my favorite track, the jangly, easy-going “Live High.” Duets with Colbie Caillat (“Lucky“) and James Morrison (“Details in the Fabric“) also impress. And that aforementioned maturity is on display in “Love for a Child,” which recounts Mraz’s parents’ separation, and shows that Mraz has come a long way from the youthful novelty of his debut disc, Waiting for My Rocket to Come, or songs like “Geek in the Pink” from Mr. A-Z. Really, there’s not a bad track on the album (though “Coyotes” is kind of lame). We Sing, etc. is completely enjoyable; I’m sure it’ll get plenty of playtime on my MP3 player this summer.

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