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The Big Apple (Store)

15 May

It’s madness down on Boylston St. tonight. Madness, I tell you! Madness!

Police detail, long lines, cheering greeters, crowds of onlookers, amateur photographers, news vans … and all that for the opening of a store.

Not just any store, mind you, but the brand new Apple Store in downtown Boston, which opened tonight at 6 p.m. Woo hoo! Continue reading

Listen Up

15 May

You know your iPod is playing too loudly when …
I am on the T listening to Freddie Mercury and Queen rocking out to “Radio Ga Ga” on my iPod and you’re listening to some hip hop crap on your iPod, and I can hear your iPod better than I can hear my own.
So yeah, thanks for that this morning, whoever you were standing next to me on the B line.

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