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White Trash

21 May

To the entitled-looking twentysomething girl in front of me who, after swiping her CharileTicket at the Hynes Convention Center T stop last night, simply flung it on the ground in the middle of the station … WTF?!? You couldn’t just put it in the trash? You almost hit me with it when you threw it on the ground. Thanks for that. But more importantly: WTF? Why are you so obnoxious that you acted so selfishly and carelessly and threw your trash right on the ground? Did you not hear me say, “Are you serious?!” Jeez … what a bitch you are.

Rock On, David Cook. Rock On.

21 May

Woo hoo! There he is, ladies and gentlemen, your new American Idol. I have to admit, I was really excited when this was announced (all things considered, of course).

I was never a fan of David Archuleta and I said as early as February 19 that he would never win. David Cook may not have given the better performance last night, but for most of the season it was pretty clear he was the best contestant. Continue reading

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