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I Found My Thrill

7 Oct

For almost as long as I’ve lived in Boston, I’ve wanted to go to Six Flags New England (formerly Riverside Park).

After Sunday, I can take that off my list.

Barry, Berk and I headed out to Agawam to ride some rides, and though Superman was not running, a good time was still had by all.

My favorite ride? Batman, even if it was actually, probably, the weakest of those I went on. Flashback and Cyclone both had me saying “Thank you, Jebus” when they were over. The bumper cars were weaker than those at Playland, but the wooden coasters here — Cyclone and Thunderbolt — were scarier than the Dragon Coaster because they felt more rickety and unsafe (amazingly enough). Continue reading


7 Oct

I had a weird thing happen last night when I got takeout from Bertucci’s. I ordered the rigatoni, broccoli and chicken, went to Kenmore Square to pick it up, got some fresh and hot rolls, etc. Then I got home, put on my “hanging out in the apartment” attire, poured myself a beverage, set the table, and got out the food. It was then that I discovered I had been given not rigatoni, broccoli and chicken but fettucini, asparagus and chicken. Huh?? Thinking I had just picked up someone else’s order, I called it in, and decided I would go back to pick up what I had actually ordered. When I got there, I asked the hostess if I had picked up someone else’s order. She said no, no one had ordered that. The kitchen was just really busy and they messed up. Now I ask you, dear readers: how busy did the kitchen have to be for them to switch two of the three ingredients in this dish and have no one notice?

Woo Hoo!!

7 Oct

There are many reasons to celebrate the Red Sox winning the ALDS. Here are some:

* A few days of rest for the team before the ALCS
* Beckett in Game One
* No matter who wins the Yanks-Indians series, we can say we swept round one. And we retain home field advantage.
* No game four on Monday, meaning no need to stay up late after a relaxing long weekend (the game was scheduled to start at 9:30 p.m.)
* No more listening to those awful, awful broadcasters on TBS (the American League ALCS is on Fox) or seeing those annoying Frank TV ads
* Tina Cervasio covered in champagne again
* More time for oblivious people to learn when the games are happening

Now I say, bring on the Tribe!

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