I Found My Thrill

7 Oct

For almost as long as I’ve lived in Boston, I’ve wanted to go to Six Flags New England (formerly Riverside Park).

After Sunday, I can take that off my list.

Barry, Berk and I headed out to Agawam to ride some rides, and though Superman was not running, a good time was still had by all.

My favorite ride? Batman, even if it was actually, probably, the weakest of those I went on. Flashback and Cyclone both had me saying “Thank you, Jebus” when they were over. The bumper cars were weaker than those at Playland, but the wooden coasters here — Cyclone and Thunderbolt — were scarier than the Dragon Coaster because they felt more rickety and unsafe (amazingly enough).

Anyway, the whole place was awash in Halloween decorations, with holiday-themed music playing at most every ride. (Then again, we also heard U2’s “Where the Streets Have No Name.” Perhaps the folks at SFNE think there’s nothing scarier than driving somewhere and not having a clue where you are.)

Going to SFNE on October 7 meant the crowds were much smaller and the weather less beastly hot (actually, it was much nicer/warmer there than it was in Boston).

It added up to a fun day at the park for the three of us (and we were home in time to see the end of the Sox game.)

Now I want to go back.

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