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26 Oct

One big difference between ’04 and ’07 is the fact that I just haven’t been able to stay up to watch the baseball games this week like I could three years ago. I was falling asleep during game one, and because it was a blowout, I almost called it a night somewhere around the fifth or sixth inning — until I forced myself to stay awake and I got a second wind. No such luck last night. Despite a close game, I nodded off on the couch late in the game and totally missed most of the eight inning and the top of the ninth. I woke up to the sound of Maria Stephanos’ voice and just went right to bed, without even knowing if we’d won or lost. And I’d be totally embarrassed to admit that, except that as I walked into the kitchen here at work this morning, it seemed to be a common type of story. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still wicked excited about the World Series, and I still want the Sox to win (although I’ve changed my prediction from six games to five), but there’s something about this series that just makes me so … tired. (Yeah, I’m totally getting old too soon.)

In related news, it’s worth noting that — WOO HOO!!!! — we’re up two games to none! I mean, hey, Sox fans know as well as anyone that that means squat. But given how the series has been going so far, it’s all good. And kudos to the Boston Herald headline writers for their cover line today: Old Faithful, with a picture of Curt Schilling. Nice job. And muchas gracias to Jacoby Ellsbury for the free taco. Bueno! I’ve never once eaten at Taco Bell, but in your honor, I may have to make an exception. But I still want to know who that guy Royce Clayton is. I know he’s an actual player, but of all people, why was he miked up by Fox? The way he was going on with Coco about the tacos on Wednesday, and then again last night with Jacoby after the big steal, it was like the guy was a total plant. Who is this guy??

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