Let the Eagle’s Soar

31 Jul

One thing about having a blog — a public outlet for writing whatever I want to — is that you never know who’s going to be reading what I write.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my bad experiences at the food places in Cleveland Circle. Well, Boston.com and UniversalHub.com both picked it up, and soon all kinds of people were telling me how wrong I was. How could I judge pizza places without actually having the pizza, one person asked. Why didn’t I just go to this place or that place, other people asked.

And thankfully, some other people did agree with me.

Anyway, on Sunday, I got an email from Sean, the owner of Eagle’s Deli. Maybe you saw what he sent me; he also posted his reply on my blog and over at UHub.com. Basically, Sean wanted me to give Eagle’s a second chance, and to encourage me to do so, he offered me a $20 gift card.

I’m no dummy, so Tuesday night on the way home from work I stopped in, picked up my card, and had a cheeseburger on the house. How was it? Well, it was there. I’ll leave it at that, basically because it’s partly my fault: the hour was late, the place was closing, and I just wanted something quick.

My point is, I appreciated the gesture. Sure, I can use this blog to vent and criticize and make fun, but I can also use it to give credit where credit is due. I may not love the food at Eagle’s (or any of the local places in Cleveland Circle, for that matter), but good customer service is good customer service.

I still have about $14 left on my card and I expect to use it to try other things. And hopefully I’ll get there at a better hour, too, so I can actually have something substantial (like a King Kong or Godzilla burger). Not that I’m saying Sean can pay me off or anything so I’ll write something positive about his place, but I do respect him for standing up for Eagle’s — and for doing it so nicely — so I’m happy to prove him right.

Maybe one of these times I’ll actually find something I like there.

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