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2 Jul

I’ve been working on an article about soccer — sorry, I mean football — in Milan, and happened upon this clip of Tiziano Crudeli, who is like Milan’s version of Jerry Remy. I know it’s old news when an announcer goes nuts for a goal, but there’s something about Crudeli that just cracks me up. He actually looks a little bit like Remy, so I was trying to picture RemDawg going this bezerk when Manny or Papi or someone hits a homerun. Can you just imagine? Watch this clip and tell me you can see it too. I particularly love the guy who appears at the 49-second mark to the left who is pretty much oblivious to the mayhem right next to him. Good stuff. And if you don’t know RemDawg, I’ve got a classic clip of him below the Crudeli one. Enjoy.

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