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Just Kidding

31 Jul

This morning on the way into work, I got a nice surprise: When we pulled into Packard’s Corner, the conductor came on the PA to tell us we were going express to BU Central. I say this was a surprise because the train was barely half-full, and usually we only go express if the car is full. Well anyway, so a couple people do the requisite freaking out and scurry off the train. As we pulled into the next stop a few feet up, at Babcock Street, the conductor again came on the speaker to announce, “Change. This car will actually be making all local stops.” I sighed, but then had to laugh because of the folks who had gotten off just a stop earlier for no reason. It was a classic case of schadenfreude.

Not that I think this was an intentional practical joke or anything, but it sure seemed that way. Maybe some T drivers do have a sense of humor.

Let the Eagle’s Soar

31 Jul

One thing about having a blog — a public outlet for writing whatever I want to — is that you never know who’s going to be reading what I write.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my bad experiences at the food places in Cleveland Circle. Well, and both picked it up, and soon all kinds of people were telling me how wrong I was. How could I judge pizza places without actually having the pizza, one person asked. Why didn’t I just go to this place or that place, other people asked.

And thankfully, some other people did agree with me. Continue reading

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