Who You Callin’ Chicken?

18 Jul

I like an awful lot of things about my new apartment, but if I had to pick one thing I definitely do not like, it’s my local food options.

I think I’ve now tried every pizza and sandwich shop in Cleveland Circle — Pino’s, Presto, Eagle’s Deli, Roggies, etc. — and I’ve basically had the same thing at every one of them: a chicken cutlet sub. (Often it’s parmigiana.) I have to say, not a one of them has left me feeling satisfied. I mean, how hard is it to put a couple pieces of chicken on a toasted roll, and add mayo and lettuce.

It’s simple, right?

Well, Thursday night I tried Eagle’s Deli for the first time, and that may have been the worst one of all. I paid about $7.50 (!!) for a single piece of bad fried formerly-frozen chicken on a bulkie roll (because they were out of sub rolls — and Snapples and a whole lot of other stuff) and could barely finish it.

Hours later, I was feeling ill.

The other places have been equally disappointing. Some have the chicken right there in a warmer ready to go, and while I appreciate the speed, I’d prefer it if my sandwich was fresh, and not made with meat that’s been sitting around for God knows how long. I don’t mind waiting for good food.

Either the B.C. kids have really low standards for good food, or these places just aren’t even trying. How I long for the days when I could get off the T on my way home and eat at T. Anthony’s, a real pizza place, and a real good one at that. (It’s located at the corner of Comm Ave. and Babcock St.) In addition to great pizza, those guys make a perfect chicken cutlet sub, and an even better parmigiana one. And, best of all, their food is always fresh or made with higher-quality ingredients. College Sub, when it’s open, makes a passable sandwich that I’ll tolerate.

But if the best I can do is “passable,” then I’ve got real problems. Or, I’ve just gotta make my own meals all the time.

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