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Happy September 1

31 Aug

Well, maybe not happy

Baby in Boston!

31 Aug

She’s not yet four months old, but already Abby’s come to Boston to see her uncle.

Mitzi and Jason brought my niece up for a couple days and we had a great time taking her to some of the important baby-friendly Boston-area spots, like Johnny’s and Coolidge Corner.

We never made it to see the Make Way for Ducklings ducklings, but I bought her the book and hopefully we’ll go on her next visit.

Of course, Abby also got to see my condo and to tour the neighborhood, and she enjoyed some beautiful Boston weather. Heck, I may have even turned her into a Red Sox fan. (No? Alright. I’ll keep trying.) Continue reading

Quick Thoughts

30 Aug

For the past few weeks, due to construction, the outbound B-line has been stopping at Lake Street and not going all the way into the Boston College T stop. I’m surprised no one’s been hit by a car yet.

I recently started using vanilla-flavored toothpaste, and I really like the taste of it. Is that wrong, or is that the whole point: that if I like the taste, maybe I’ll brush more often.

I have nearly 325 friends on Facebook now. How did that happen?

Bruce Springsteen’s in the neighborhood this weekend dropping his kid off at BC. I wonder what the chances are that I’ll see Bruce at White Mountain Creamery.

I love John McCain’s choice of VP. Can someone just declare Barack Obama the winner now and spare us the next 65 or so days of campaigning?

For the first time in about eight years, I’m living on Comm Ave on Labor Day weekend. Oh, the horror. I guess summer’s officially over now.

Any chance Dustin Pedroia is going to be the AL MVP this year? I sure think so. (And just fyi: I’ve been saying this for weeks now. I’m not on the bandwagon — I’m leading it.)

The new 90210 starts on Tuesday night. Not sure I could be more excited.

Why can’t every weekend be three days long?

Beat THAT, John McCain!

28 Aug

Wow! What a speech. Not sure I’ve ever been more excited to vote in an election. Let’s go, Barack Obama!

Missed it or just want to relive some highlights? Here is the full speech:

And here are some clips:

Someone Drop the Soap, Please

26 Aug

Alright, who’s with me? Tomorrow, all the employees at the LUSH cosmetics store in Natick will be wearing only an apron and sandals, thus exposing their backsides for all to see. Why are they doing it? Does it really matter?? (It’s to protest the environmental hazards of excessive packaging that comes with many store-bought commodities, according to this article.) Anyone else want to take the day off from work and head on over for a peek?

Update, 8/27: Good thing I opted not to take the day off of work. Only two guys protested. Any others were told not to.

Yes She Can

26 Aug

No, this isn’t a real ad. I just thought it was funny.
(Thanks to Jeff Wells for the tip.)

Three’s a Crowd

25 Aug

You can say this (among other things) about Woody Allen as a filmmaker: He sure does know how to give his movies a sense of place.

His latest, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, unfolds in Spain (largely in, yes, Barcelona) and man if it isn’t just the greatest commercial for that city.

A (mostly unnecessary) narrator gives us the film’s basic premise: two best friends, Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Scarlett Johansson), are spending the summer abroad.

Both have different views about life and love: Vicky is more uptight and methodical (not to mention engaged), and Cristina is more carefree and spontaneous.

Both of their lives are changed when they meet Juan Antonio (Javier Bardem), a painter just out of a troubled marriage (to María Elena, played by Penélope Cruz). Continue reading