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Seventh-Inning Sretch

2 Aug

If you’ve been to a Dodgers game out in Los Angeles like I have, you know it’s a very different experience than going to one here at Fenway. It’s a bit flashier and showier, and the fans — well, let’s just say the fans are a little less devoted than they are here in Boston (even the pink-hat–wearing ones). So when reading today’s column by CHB about Manny’s first day in LA, I have to admit I got a good laugh out of this line: “Maybe they’ll let Manny leave in the seventh inning with the rest of the fans.” Say what you will about Shaughnessy, but I thought that and his Gladys Knight reference (“In the end, Boston proved too much for the man”) were pretty funny.

Manny may not have been perfect, but I’ll miss him.

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