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Games Off, Game On!

24 Aug

Before we completely forget about the Olympics, I thought I’d share this article, which may just provide you with another reason to hate Michael Phelps:

Sex and the Olympic City
Tomorrow night thousands of young men and women with the most fit, toned bodies in the world will mingle for the last time before they fly home. What might they get up to? [Read More]


24 Aug

Three quick food-related items that didn’t really merit their own posts:

* Nina and I had brunch today at “our spot,” Z Square in my beloved Harvard Square. I tried something there that I’d never had before: the buttermilk pancakes. Let me just say they were some of the best pancakes I’ve had. They were almost like thick crepes, and they were served practically covered with cinnamon and butter. Syrup was almost unnecessary. Yum.

* Part of Nina’s and my afternoon involved hanging out at the Cambridge Carnival, and it was there that we both enjoyed some fried dough. Mmmmmm … there are few things better than some good ole fried dough from a street vendor. I guess now it’s official: it’s summer!

* Since I moved to my condo, I’ve been adjusting to new places and new stores. And no sooner did I move than my new local Shaw’s (on Route 9) closed for renovations. This weekend I branched out from the default Shaw’s on Beacon St. in Brookline to the bigger one in Brighton on Western Ave. and was quite pleased to find what seemed like double the selection. It’s like the Packard’s Corner store, just without the annoying college kids. Hooray!

Songs Sung Blew

24 Aug

(or … Mild August Night)
(or … I Am Letdown, I Said)
(or … Not So Good! Not So Good!)

Since I’d never seen Neil Diamond in concert, I was quite excited to see him Saturday night at Fenway Park.

And sure, I’m not the biggest Neil fan (I own his latest album but still haven’t listened to it), but I do love the classics in his repertoire, and I figured it’d at least be a fun show.

At the very least, it’d be totally cheesy to hear him sing “Sweet Caroline” live in Fenway, and I could totally get into that.

I mean, I’ve seen Barry Manilow live (three times, I believe), so how bad could Neil Diamond really be? Continue reading