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Crazy Uncle Martin

28 Jul

So I guess it’s official now: I have turned into that person who everyone hates, the one who can’t stop taking pictures of his adorable niece and then sharing them with anyone who’ll look. But really, just look at that picture I’ve posted above. Can you blame me? This kid is beyond cute.

I was in New York this weekend to hang out with Abby and the rest of the family. Now that she’s 12 weeks old, Abby is showing signs of a personality, not just sleeping and eating, like she was doing the last time I visited. So of course, my camera was working overtime — much to Abby’s parents’ chagrin. One day, my niece will forgive me for being such a shutterbug. And Mitzi and Jason will be thankful to have so many great shots of their daughter. Until then, I’ll keep looking at these pictures, showing them off to my friends and all you readers, and I’ll be thinking of when my next chance to see Abby will be. Hopefully it won’t be too long from now.

Click here to see my photo album from this weekend.

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