Elliott Yamin Is the Man

10 May

Here’s my new American Idol theory: Taylor Hicks is simply William Hung with more talent. They’re both goofy and dorky and awkward, both difficult to watch for sustained periods of time, both can’t dance, and really, can’t you see Taylor recording a novelty album (or two or three — Taylor Sings Christmas Songs!, for example) after the whole thing is over to cash in on his gimmick appeal, just like William Hung did? So that’s why I’m rooting for him (or Katherine McPhee) to go home tonight. I’ve finally had it with Taylor. And Katherine, well, Elvis’ songs weren’t written for a woman to sing in the first place, and she really didn’t help her cause by over-dramaticizing (is that a word?) “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and doing the totally clichéd, unbelievably cheesy “Hound Dog”/”All Shook Up” medley.

By contrast, I’ve been calling Elliott Yamin my favorite for weeks now (documented here), and I hope that last night’s performances finally proved that he’s worthy of being there — if not in the final two with Chris Daughtry, who looks unquestionably to be the winner at this point. Elliott’s performance of “If I Can Dream” is one of the first performances on the show this season that I would truly like to own. It was really close in quality to Barry Manilow‘s own cover of the song, which has been the main way I’ve known it up till now. (Don’t laugh. Barry actually does “If I Can Dream” really well. Go to iTunes and hear it for yourself.)

Still, last night’s show was one of, if not the best one all season. It’s going to be a close vote tonight. They’re all just about equally good. That said, my support is fully in Elliott’s corner now. When he goes, I lose interest in whoever’s left.

So that’s my morning-after Idol commentary.

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