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I’ll Console You, Addison

16 May

It seems all anyone can talk about today, or wants to talk about today, is the awesome Grey’s Anatomy finale last night. I don’t mind spending three hours watching one show over two nights when it’s as good as Grey’s was this week. And now it’s going to be an agonizingly long summer until the show returns with new episodes … on Thursday nights! YUCK! Whose lame-brained idea was that? It’s opposite the new Aaron Sorkin show, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, which is supposed to be incredible. Thank God for my dual-tuner DVR. I just hope it works.

Anyway, so Grey’s was really good — despite Katherine Heigel’s total over-acting. I mean, I can only imagine how many takes there were of that scene where she was bawling while lying next to Denny’s dead body. Otherwise, good stuff. And am I the only one out there who feels sorry for Addison Shepherd? She can run right to me if she needs consoling, now that Derek and Meredith seem to be on the road to another relationship. I’ve really come to like Addison this season, and I might spend at least some of the summer seeking out actress Kate Walsh‘s other work (even if that means watching Under the Tuscan Sun, the movie in which she apparently plays Sandra Oh’s lesbian girlfriend). And on a personal note, my family also had a dog named Doc, and two years ago we had to put him down, so that scene was a bit sad for me too.

It’s been a good week of finales so far. I stopped watching The West Wing a couple years ago, but I still got wistful and nostalgic while watching the finale on Sunday. And The Office was great on Thursday. Idol is on tonight, there are two more episodes left of Alias and Lost, The Amazing Race ends tomorrow, and even the finale of Desperate Housewives on Sunday looks good. (Yes, I watch a lot of TV. What else am I supposed to do when this rain just won’t stop?) Have I mentioned I hate the long summer break between new episodes of my favorite shows? Happy Summer …

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