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What a Waste!

28 May

If Boston magazine is looking for a new category for its annual “Best of” issue, might I suggest “Best Misuse of Prime Real Estate.”

I even have a winner.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Johnny Cupcakes, located at 279 Newbury Street (at the corner of Gloucester Street). Sounds cool, right? A cupcake store right on Newbury Street! Yum.

Suffice it to say, Mitzi and Jason are in town, and the three of us were excited to check the place out today, especially since we heard that yesterday there was a line out the door.

But in what is either a collosal waste of a good brand name or a genius way to attract and mislead customers, it seems the company has forgotten one important thing — the cupcakes!

Instead, Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing company, and all the stuff is shown in bakery-like display cases.

To say we were let-down is an understatement. We were disappointed. We felt gypped. Swindled. Horn-swaggled. And the clothing wasn’t even all that cool; it was of the $40 designer t-shirt variety, the kind of stuff that’s not even attractive.

What a waste.

Here’s what I’m hoping: Once word gets out about this sham of a store, the people of Boston will join with me in boycotting this Johnny’s “cupcakes” until he begins to actually sell cupcakes, or until he changes the store’s name.

Who’s with me?

Update, 6/18/06: Just an Urban Legend?

Back in the Globe

28 May

Just a quick post to let you know (if you’re interested) that my blog’s been quoted in the Boston Globe again.

It’s a reference to my recent posting about the T driver who was afraid of a spider.

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