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X: Why See

25 May

Alright, so X-Men: The Last Stand is a big, exciting summer movie, full of action and big, important speeches and cool special effects. But it’s a bit darker (visually) and colder than the previous two X-Men films, and it doesn’t have the same, I dunno, heart that the other two had. In fact, this one feels more functional, more run-of-the-mill, more routine, and more blunt. Which is a shame, because as comic book movies go, the X-Men films have been better than most. They all deal with prejudice, but this one feels the most heavy-handed, thematically. Still, X3 does have its moments of fun, including the final battle sequence, so I’ll give this third film a B — for Beast, because that character is a trip. How funny it is to see Kelsey Grammer bulked up with blue fur and makeup.

All Signs Point To …

25 May

Alright, so the television season is now over (and man-o-man, what an awesome Lost finale last night), there’s a brand new American Idol, the Red Sox are still in first place despite losing two out of three games to the Yankees, X-Men 3 opens tomorrow, it’s a beautiful sunny day here in Boston with temperatures in the 70s, tomorrow begins the Memorial Day weekend …

I could be wrong, but I think it’s summer! Woo hoo!

Last Idol Post Ever

25 May

… or at least, the last one this season.

If you didn’t watch the American Idol finale last night but can appreciate watching a dorky guy who thinks he’s “the next Clay Aiken” getting humiliated in front of an international audience — or, if you just want to see it again — then check out this clip. I literally had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.

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