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This One’s For Evan …

1 May

… and all the other Yankee fans out there.

(Thanks to Amy for the photo)

Purple Read

1 May

Another story of mine has gone live online, so I thought I’d post a link.

I interviewed LaChanze, the star of Broadway’s The Color Purple, for the May issue of Continental. Just click on the link to check it out. Continue reading

Walk On By

1 May

You probably could not have asked for a better day than yesterday for WalkAmerica.

Skies were as blue as possible, with nary a cloud in the sky, temps in the high 50s (or low 60s — weather reports were conflicting), and a slight breeze off the Charles.

 I wore my track pants for the first time since I went skydiving.

My company’s team, in typical fashion, didn’t wait to be told “go.” Instead, we left 15 minutes before the official start time.

The walk itself was great; no sweat, as predicted. When most of our group seemed to split up and splinter off into smaller duos and threesomes, Stephani and I stayed together.

We finished the entire six-mile walk in just over two hours.

At the finish line, there was all kinds of food waiting for us (good thing, because I was starved), including delicious cake from Montillio’s (mmmmmmmmmm).

And, to top it all off, I had raised $350 in advance, which will be matched by my employer.

Thanks again to all who contributed.

All in all (despite a minor sunburn), a great day. (Click on the pictures to see a bigger version of each one.)

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