How Far Is Six Miles?

27 Apr

As WalkAmerica gets closer (it’s this Sunday), people have begun to ask me if I’m ready (and even able) to walk six miles.


Like that’s such a long distance.

Sure, I tell them. No problem. I’ve walked that much in a day before.

But today I got my first reality check: Six miles is about a quarter of a mile longer than the distance between my apartment and my office (at least according to Mapquest), and I don’t ever walk that.

It’s about a mile-and-a-half longer than the distance between my apartment and Johnny’s in Newton Center.

And it’s about three times as long as the walk from my apartment to Fenway Park.

It’s also about three times as long as the walk from my office to the Hynes Convention Center T stop, which I do all the time.

And it’s just over double the distance from the Prudential Center mall back to my apartment, which I do every year on Patriot’s Day.

Still, I say no problem. I can handle that.

In fact, I look forward to it.

The weather is supposed to be mostly sunny, with temperatures in the mid- to high-50s, perfect for a brisk walk along the Charles River.

As I’ve mentioned, there’s a group of us from my company who are walking, and today we all got snazzy blue t-shirts to wear. If you’re reading this and will also be walking, look out for us. If you’re not walking and still want to be supportive, there’s still time to sponsor me. My company is matching all donations received by Sunday, so anything you give you can consider it doubled.

The point is, this is going to be a great day. If you’re able to, I hope you’ll support me and this wonderful cause.

Thanks again.

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