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… Because It’s Broken

30 May

Sigh. So breakups are never easy, and sometimes they’re quite painful. The Break-Up is one of those. At the end of it you’re mentally drained from having Vince Vaughn yelling at you and from watching Jennifer Aniston just completely beaten down and emotionally spent. (What, you expected this to be a happy movie? Silly you. It’s called The Break-Up!) The film is so meanspirited and negative-toned that you don’t even want this couple to get back together, unlike in some other movies with a similar plot that are sweet at their core. Sure, there are some good lines, but Vince Vaughn doesn’t seem to have the same wickedly funny but good natured streak he had in Wedding Crashers. Here he’s just cruel and stupid, and nowhere near loveable. And while it’s good to see him and Jon Favreau back together on the screen, ultimately, all I could think of was: man-oh-man, did Jon Favreau ever get heavy. So that adds to the sad feeling after seeing this movie. I mean, yeah, Jen does looks great. And I got a good chuckle from Justin Long’s performance. But because the movie is 10-15 minutes too long and at times it’s just not funny (and not in a failed way), I’m still giving The Break-Up a C+.

Weekend Review

30 May

Mitzi and Jason were in town this weekend, so we played tourist.

Thankfully, the weather cooperated, and I think it’s safe to say we walked more than 10 miles in total, seven and a half of them on Sunday alone.

Some highlights of the weekend: Continue reading

What a Waste!

28 May

If Boston magazine is looking for a new category for its annual “Best of” issue, might I suggest “Best Misuse of Prime Real Estate.”

I even have a winner.

Yesterday was the grand opening of Johnny Cupcakes, located at 279 Newbury Street (at the corner of Gloucester Street). Sounds cool, right? A cupcake store right on Newbury Street! Yum.

Suffice it to say, Mitzi and Jason are in town, and the three of us were excited to check the place out today, especially since we heard that yesterday there was a line out the door.

But in what is either a collosal waste of a good brand name or a genius way to attract and mislead customers, it seems the company has forgotten one important thing — the cupcakes!

Instead, Johnny Cupcakes is a clothing company, and all the stuff is shown in bakery-like display cases.

To say we were let-down is an understatement. We were disappointed. We felt gypped. Swindled. Horn-swaggled. And the clothing wasn’t even all that cool; it was of the $40 designer t-shirt variety, the kind of stuff that’s not even attractive.

What a waste.

Here’s what I’m hoping: Once word gets out about this sham of a store, the people of Boston will join with me in boycotting this Johnny’s “cupcakes” until he begins to actually sell cupcakes, or until he changes the store’s name.

Who’s with me?

Update, 6/18/06: Just an Urban Legend?

Back in the Globe

28 May

Just a quick post to let you know (if you’re interested) that my blog’s been quoted in the Boston Globe again.

It’s a reference to my recent posting about the T driver who was afraid of a spider.

Bike Me

26 May

For the second day in a row, I was nearly run over by a bike rider on my way into work.

Same thing happened both days: I got out of the T at the corner of Summer and Washington Streets, and just as I stepped off the sidewalk someone zipped right by.

Yesterday the woman yelled out, “Look where you’re going!”

Today the guy just zipped right by without saying anything.

Now, it’s not like I was alone or acting absent-mindedly or anything. And sure, yesterday I was on my cell phone. But is it too much to ask bike riders to ease up as they ride through Downtown Crossing at 9 a.m. when the area is mobbed with people commuting to work?

There’s no reason to ride through at a top speed and then criticize people who get in your way.

I think in these cases, I — and all other pedestrians — definitely had the right-of-way.

X: Why See

25 May

Alright, so X-Men: The Last Stand is a big, exciting summer movie, full of action and big, important speeches and cool special effects. But it’s a bit darker (visually) and colder than the previous two X-Men films, and it doesn’t have the same, I dunno, heart that the other two had. In fact, this one feels more functional, more run-of-the-mill, more routine, and more blunt. Which is a shame, because as comic book movies go, the X-Men films have been better than most. They all deal with prejudice, but this one feels the most heavy-handed, thematically. Still, X3 does have its moments of fun, including the final battle sequence, so I’ll give this third film a B — for Beast, because that character is a trip. How funny it is to see Kelsey Grammer bulked up with blue fur and makeup.

All Signs Point To …

25 May

Alright, so the television season is now over (and man-o-man, what an awesome Lost finale last night), there’s a brand new American Idol, the Red Sox are still in first place despite losing two out of three games to the Yankees, X-Men 3 opens tomorrow, it’s a beautiful sunny day here in Boston with temperatures in the 70s, tomorrow begins the Memorial Day weekend …

I could be wrong, but I think it’s summer! Woo hoo!

Last Idol Post Ever

25 May

… or at least, the last one this season.

If you didn’t watch the American Idol finale last night but can appreciate watching a dorky guy who thinks he’s “the next Clay Aiken” getting humiliated in front of an international audience — or, if you just want to see it again — then check out this clip. I literally had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard.

The End Is Here

24 May

Damn that Katherine McPhee. Despite her awful performance overall last night — if I see her perform “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” one more time I’m gonna hurl — she’s got that KT Tunstall song ”Black Horse and the Cherry Tree” stuck in my head. And despite Simon’s opinion that Taylor won last night, and despite the fact that I don’t really like either of the final two, I’d still rather Katherine win it all. If you don’t see them perform and simply listen to their voices, she’s got the better, more pleasant one. (And if you do have to watch, well, she’s darned perty.) I just wish she and Taylor weren’t saddled with those God Awful first singles. (If you want to download MP3s of last night’s show, go to this guy’s blog, which I found this morning. And if you want to hear a real singer, the guy who should have won, click here.) Ugh. I’m still so pissed at myself for getting sucked in this season.

Anyway, the TV season ends tonight at 11pm (after Lost) and summer begins tomorrow, as far as I’m concerned. I can hardly wait.

10 Things

21 May

Hey there. So since I was blogging about The Ten Commandments not too long ago, and I was just tipped off to this really funny mash-up, I thought I’d post it here so y’all can take a look.

Just click on it to play, or go to and watch it there. Enjoy.

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