Thou Shall Not Blog About Religion?

16 Apr

One thing I’ve been wondering lately, and I hope it’s not offensive to be posting this today, is when the showing of The Ten Commandments on TV became an Easter tradition.

The film tells the story of Passover and is all about the plight of the Jews in Egypt. There’s no mention of Jesus or resurrection, or anything else that has to do with Easter, as far as I know.

And I acknowledge that non-Jews consider the Old Testament to be holy texts, and that the Ten Commandments themselves are relevant to other religions, but what about The Ten Commandments movie relates to Easter?

Why doesn’t it air more intentionally closer to the time of Passover, when it would be more appropriate?

I’m being serious here, and again, I hope I’m not being offensive. But I genuinely want to know.

So if you have an answer, can you please post a comment below? Thanks.

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