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Nice Legs

5 Apr

If you see someone wearing a kilt to work on Thursday, you can thank The Glenlivet Society.

In honor of Tartan Day, the company has decreed that Thursday, April 6, is “Wear a Kilt to Work Day.” (Gee, thanks for that. Personally, I’d rather celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day again.)

Companies that have registered in advance are supposed to make a pre-determined donation for every employee that wears a kilt to work. And the Glenlivet will also donate a fixed sum for every on-air journalist and public personality who wears a kilt. (Why do I think the men of the Fox 25 morning show — especially V.B. — will be sporting them?) Continue reading

What’s in a Name?

5 Apr

I suppose it’s cool to have my name inspire a term, but it’s also a bad thing when someone at work asks me if I’m serious or if I’m “pulling a Martin.” Says something about my credibility. Uh oh.

Update, 4:40 p.m.: Evan wrote and reminded me … “This is not the first time your name inspired a term. Your ‘Marty’s Jokes’ column in the Byram Hills [High School] school paper inspired the term ‘Marty Humor,’ which referred to certain types of comedic prose. If you recall the jokes you placed in that column, you can figure out what would be termed ‘Marty Humor.'” Good point. Thanks for reminding me, Evan.

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