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Gimme Five (More Years), Katie

20 Apr

Thank God for Katie Couric. Were it not for her this morning, I would never have learned that today is National High Five Day. I’m sure gonna miss that Katie Couric when she leaves the Today show in May. Her cute, sophisticated perkiness wakes me up every day. I love to hang out with Katie and her boyfriend, Matt, and their children, Al and Ann, every morning from 7:30 to 8:30, or whatever times I turn on and off the TV. I sure do enjoy their company while I eat my breakfast. Meredith Viera has big shoes to fill. Bigger even than Star Jones’.

But anyway, today really is National High Five Day, as decreed by a bunch of University of Virginia students. (It’s always the third Thursday of April.) The mission of the day is simple: just give out as many high fives as possible. When you get on the subway, when you see your boss in the office, when you go for lunch, when you get home and see your spouse or roommate, etc. The guys’ MySpace page has a further explanation, and videos explaining the proper way to give a high five are really helpful. That’s all. It’s a simple holiday, simply celebrated.

I’ll leave you to it. Thanks again, Katie, for everything.

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