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Batter Up!

2 Apr

HBO has been showing their Red Sox films this weekend. Yesterday morning I found myself getting chills once again as Reversing the Curse of the Bambino recounted the 2004 playoff run. Later on, they showed Fever Pitch, which, despite its sentimentality, also generates excitement at the end due to the real-life finale. And later today, NESN will be showing the Faith Rewarded 2004 season recap film. I suspect that for many more years, whenever I watch one of these or the other similar films, it will continue to leave me smiling and excited and with a tear of happiness in my eye.

So on this, the eve of another Opening Day, I say, simply, “Let’s do it again!” We have the pitchers, we have the hitting, we have a bolstered defense. We can take on all challengers. It’s a long way until October, but I am excited for the ride. Go Sox!

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