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Put a Fork in ‘Em

30 Jul

I really hate to say it, but after Wednesday night’s loss, it may be time to call the 2008 Red Sox season over. I know we’re not out of contention yet (far from it), but if this week’s games are any indication, the spark’s just not there and we’re sinking fast. But I’d be happy to be wrong. Maybe all this Manny hoo-hah is just a major distraction and all will be fine after the trade deadline has passed. Or maybe it won’t, and we’ll continue this downward slide. I’m not jumping ship just yet (after all, it’s only July 31), but I’m starting to set my expectations really low.

I Think You Should Abstain

30 Jul

If the thesis of Swing Vote is true, that one person can make a difference, then here is my question: why couldn’t that person be an editor? Kevin Costner stars as Bud, a stupid, lazy, selfish drunk who (amazingly enough) has a whip-smart, politically-savvy and awfully precocious daughter, Molly. Bud couldn’t care less about the presidential election (between, amazingly enough, Kelsey Grammer and Dennis Hopper), but through circumstances not even worth getting into here, he holds the final result of the election in his hands. Great. If only the guy was remotely likable and/or smart enough to realize what morons he was making the candidates into when they descend on his town and try to win him over. If only his daughter wasn’t so angelic that she’s beyond cliche. If only the screenplay didn’t sound like it was written by a complete amateur. If only the aforementioned editor had decided to take a half hour off the running time of this movie — at least. If only I cared enough to list all the things wrong with this movie, and if only you cared enough to read about them. Frankly, my guess is you don’t even care enough to see this movie, so I’m just going to give it a D and call it a day.

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