Another Great Clean-Up

27 Dec

One of the nice things about not going away during the week between Christmas and New Year’s is that it gives me a chance to tackle some projects I’ve been wanting to work on for a while.

Monday I went into the office to clean up my desk and get organized. And now I’ve begun tackling my closets here on the homefront.

You may recall that two years ago on New Year’s Day I began the Great Clean-Up of 2006. Things have not gotten to be as bad as they were then, but parts of my apartment surely needed a spruce-up and that included my bedroom closet.

So, after taking everything out — all my pants, shirts, sweaters, shoes, etc. — and going through it to see what was old (i.e.: anything with a Structure label) or dirty or what I had too much of (hello, blue shirts), I have plenty of “new” clothes I had forgotten about and a much cleaner, more organized closet.

Sure, I could have gotten rid of more clothes than I did, but I’m just too much of a packrat; that said, I expect I’ll continue to get rid of some shirts as I try them on and realize they don’t fit all that well anymore.

Next I’ll tackle the linen closet and my overflowing CD collection (I went to Target today and bought a container for under-the-bed storage).

And this is good news for other people, not just me. For example, the Big Brother Big Sister Foundation is going to get a large donation — five garbage bags full of shoes, sweaters, shirts and pants.

And the cleaners is going to get my business.

And if I ever do move (and hopefully I will sometime in 2008), the movers will have less to take over to the new place for me.

But of course, I’m the real winner here because I’m enjoying my week off from work and taking care of some good stuff that’s making me feel really productive.

I’m going to say it again: It’s so nice to spend a vacation at home, where I can do my own thing and relax and just catch up with life, and work on things like this that I never seem to get to during the rest of the year.

(That’s all. No great drama or discoveries to report on.)

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