The Cleanup Continues

22 Jan

I really like how every day I spend cleaning my apartment is like a day I’ve gone shopping. Last week, after going through my clothes closet, I had all kinds of “new” sweaters and shirts to wear. Tonight, after spending a few hours finally cleaning off my kitchen table, it’s like I have a brand new piece of furniture to eat dinner on.

There was stuff on my table from as far back as February 2005, which had been piled underneath bills, direct mailings, magazines, birthday cards, Rosh Hashannah cards, Hanukkah cards, birth announcements, more bills, 401k statements, magazine subscription renewals … you name it. Suffice it to say, all that old stuff has been thrown away. And sure, I could probably have just lifted it up and thrown it all away in one fell swoop, but I did go through each and every thing that was on the table, just to make sure I didn’t need some of it and to make sure it was safe to put in the trash. I double bagged the garbage bags and everything.

And for good measure, I also went through the stack of mail that I had put in my bedroom (under my bed) last year to make room for my Super Bowl party and hadn’t gone through since. Alls I know is that it’s a good thing companies send “reminders” when you haven’t paid your bills, or else I’d be severely in debt right now. Despite the number of and age of the bills I found today, nearly all of them had been paid already.

So now, after cleaning up my dresser, my two closets, my kitchen table, and my DVD/VHS tape collection, I suppose the next step is to hire a cleaning company. That’ll be this week’s project. I’m looking at MaidPro. Does anyone know anything about them? Of course, before they can come, I need to get the stacks of CDs off the top of my bookshelves and entertainment unit, and the books off my floor. I also want to clean up a little bit under my bed and get rid of some of the pictures and posters that have been there since I moved into my apartment four years ago.

Point is, for a change, I’m actually sticking with something and seeing it through instead of dropping the ball midway. I’m walking the walk, instead of just talking the talk. This bodes well for the rest of the year.

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