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Please Click Here

5 Jan

An old friend of mine from my summer camp days, Doug Gordon, who I’ve mentioned a couple of times on this site, has written a book called The Engaged Groom. Many of my friends are already married (some with child or children), but perhaps there are some out there reading my site who are newly engaged or close to being engaged. If so, check out Doug’s book. If you’re already married, be a pal and click on the link for Doug’s book anyway. And if you’re not even close to being engaged, please still click on the link for Doug’s book. (It’s a contest. If I refer enough people to the web site for his book, Doug will send me an autographed copy.) And if you’re interested, Doug did a chat yesterday on Here’s a link to the transcript.

A Plug in (and for) the Globe

5 Jan

I found out not too long ago that my blog was quoted again today in The Boston Globe‘s “Sidekick” section. Now, I’m not one to complain (alright, maybe I am), and I’m really appreciative of the folks at “Sidekick” for quoting me as often as they have, but I wish those responsible would have chosen a different entry this time. The posting they quoted from — just about in its entirety — was the one from Monday where I commented on the Globe‘s story about the increasing number of millionaires in the Boston area. It’s a good plug for the paper, in the paper. Still, I’m happy for the exposure (really, I am) … even if not too many people seem to read the “Sidekick” section. Otherwise, I would hope that someone might have told me about it before I saw it on my own at a newsstand around 8 p.m.

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