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Number Sixty-One

29 Jan

Alright, now I’m done. Today I saw Transamerica, my 61st movie of all those released in 2005, and thus, those that are qualified for all the awards this year. Because I want to start (finally) writing up my top 10 list, I’ll make this quick: Transamerica is alright. Some of it is a little bit hokey and Felicity Huffman is good, but she didn’t blow me away. Here’s what was nagging at me: I just wasn’t totally buying the film, and I was continually wondering whether a man should have played the lead role, not a woman. No matter how much she uglies herself up, or tries to deepen her voice, Felicity Huffman is just too attractive to convincingly play this role. Does that mean the crux of the film went totally over my head? It’s entirely possible. Does it mean I enjoyed it any less? Not really. So I’m giving Transamerica a B.

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