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It’s Just Not Write

11 Dec

If you ask me, the really sad thing about the fact that the writers’ strike is likely to last “well into next year” is that we’re being denied some great Christmas episodes of TV. This is the time of year when the writers seem to pull out all the stops and do their best work. Case in point: The Office, which would likely not be as popular as it is were it not for that utterly classic Christmas episode in 2005 (you know, the one with the secret Santa game). Last year’s holiday episode, with the dueling parties, was one of the better ones of the year as well. And of course, last year’s Christmas episode of Studio 60 was, I think, one of the finest episodes of any show all season. Most criminal of all is the fact that if the strike doesn’t end soon, then it’s unlikely Darlene Love will be making her annual appearance on Late Show with David Letterman to sing “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).” Oh, I’m sure Dave will show a rerun of an earlier appearance, but there’s something nice about holiday traditions and things you can look forward to. At least 30 Rock has what looks like a good holiday episode scheduled for Thursday. Still, I’m resigned to the fact that there’ll be a void in my holiday season this year, and I just wanted to say I think it sucks.

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