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Down Goes Santa Claus!

16 Dec

It’s that kind of lazy Sunday here in Brookline. I slept in, I’ve made some French Toast, I’m watching the Patriots beat up on the Jets (again), I’ve done some apartment cleaning, I’m avoiding cleaning off my car because there’s no real need for me to drive anywhere for at least five days, I’ve got a couple new DVDs to watch after the football game, I called some friends to catch up, I’m debating baking a cake, the bed’s not made, I haven’t showered … and it’s good that I did my laundry yesterday so I don’t have to fight for the machines today, which means I don’t have to leave my apartment at all, and life is pretty good. This was a well-timed snow — or rain or sleet or whatever it’s doing outside — day.

(And btw, that photo came from, though I sort of wish I had taken it.)

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