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What Fun It Is to Buy and Buy

23 Dec

Who says it’s hard to be a Jew on Christmas? The truth is, what fun it is. There’s no pressure to buy last minute gifts, no wrapping, no tree to trim, no big meals to prep … just a lot of festivity to take part in. To wit: I spent part of yesterday and some of today at the malls (Cambridgeside and Arsenal), braving the crowds and taking advantage of some great discounts at Old Navy and other stores. Parking was difficult, but for some reason I have a great deal of patience and skill when it comes to finding a spot, so it wasn’t impossible. I kept my bags close by so as to avoid any trouble. And when all was said and done, I spent about $100 on a ton of clothes and almost felt guilty for not buying more. Here’s one example of the folly of holiday shopping: Old Navy is selling boxer shorts 3 for $12. But if you buy them in a pre-selected gift box, three boxers are only $10.80. And it’s fun, when the salesperson asks if you want gift boxes, to tell her “No thanks. It’s all for me.” I even tried a gingerbread donut at Dunkin’ Donuts. Even more fun than all that is walking from store to store, listening to the holiday tunes. U2’s “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” in one place. Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” in another. It’s a good time. How sad it is that just like that, on Wednesday it’ll all be over. So I’m of the school of thought that says you should enjoy the season and make the most of it while you can. Especially since Hanukkah, with its nine days and all, is long over. And my wardrobe is better off for it.

A Tale of Two Photos

23 Dec

It struck me the other day how similar these two photos are, and yet how utterly different the films they’re from — Dreamgirls and Sweeney Todd — are. Perhaps the only thing these two photos have in common is that they both capture killer performances of very different kinds. What a difference a year makes.

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