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It’s All Emma Thompson’s Fault

15 Dec

When I Am Legend begins, we’re listening to a sports reporter say that the American League team in New York, of course, is the best and that they will play the Chicago Cubs in the World Series.

So you know right off the bat that this film is a fantasy and you shouldn’t take any of it seriously.

Then Emma Thompson appears on screen playing a doctor who has found a cure for cancer simply by reorganizing the structure of the measles virus.

Cut to three years later and the entire city of New York (and, apparently, the entire planet) has been totally wiped out by this “cure,” except for virologist (and of course he’s a virologist) Robert Neville (Will Smith) and plenty of animals.

Oh, and the zombies.

Lots of rabid zombies — the folks who had been affected by the cure and now only come out at night and are out for blood.

We don’t quite know how Neville managed to be the only one to survive, but somehow over the years he has figured out the zombies’ behavior and has made a life — albeit a lonely, solitary one — for himself. Continue reading